Maths - A Level Information


Maths is one of the most popular subjects at JKHS and we are proud to offer A-levels in both Maths and Further Maths.

Knowledge/skills gained:

  • understanding of the mathematics that underpin many aspects of our lives

  • the ability to apply a range of mathematical skills to different situations

  • acute logical thinking and problem-solving abilities

  • the ability to process, interpret and analyse information


Why Maths at JKHS?

Excellent student support leads to excellent student outcomes. We focus on underpinning excellent teaching with unparalleled levels of student support. Our ‘open-door’ policy means all students have access to maths teachers whenever they need help and our 6th form maths study room gives A-level maths students an area to study where support is never far away.

Your Maths A-level:  All students will study the same mix of Pure maths, Mechanics and Statistics.

Your Further Maths A-level:  The content for Further Maths includes Core Pure maths and Decision maths.

All Students:  To best prepare our students everyone will complete an AS in Maths at the end of Year 12 before taking an A-level exam at the end of Year 13.

Online resources/support/syllabi:

  • Follow this link for access to the syllabus and sample assessment materials.

  • Students are expected to complete regular homework and tasks from Integral and will be set this by their class teacher.

External websites recommended by students:

  • Physics and Maths tutor: Good site for past papers from a range of exam boards along with revision resources and worked solutions.  Also includes support for the STEP university entrance exams.