Year 10

The Year 10 Pastoral Team

Mr Nick Wardale

Head of Year 10 / Head of RE

Mrs Sally Ferguson

Tutor of 10J / Teacher of Food Technology

Mr James Bolt

Tutor of 10O / Teacher of Science - Second in Department

Mrs Shona Butler

Tutor of 10H / Teachers PE / Second in Department

Mr Johan Nieuwoudt

Tutor of 10N / Head of Design Technology


Mrs Florrie Creswell

Tutor of 10S / Teacher of English

Mrs Diane Taylor

Tutor of 10K / Head of Computer Science

Mrs Victoria Bradford

Tutor of 10Y / Teacher of Business Studies/ Computer Science

Mrs Rosamund Ruhback

Tutor of 10R / Teacher of Science/ Head of Biology

Mrs Amy Cannon

Tutor of 10L / Teacher of English

Mr Wardale can be contacted here: