Revision and Exams

We recognise that exams are important and we know our students want to do well.  But we also want them to be happy – it’s important to keep exams in perspective.  A healthy approach to exams is to revise and prepare well, but build in breaks and down-time.  If students keep revising without breaks and relaxation the law of diminishing returns starts to come in! 


It’s also important that students know they can only do their best.  Good, balanced revision and preparation are key, and so is a desire to do well. Like parents, we know that students can only do their best - we can’t ask for any more than that! If students do their best, it doesn’t matter what the results are. 


The school mantra is Happy, Healthy, Successful.  Successful doesn’t just mean exam results – but there can’t be any sort of real success unless our students are Happy and Healthy!


The organisation Young Minds has launched sensible advice for parents about supporting their children at this time of year.  This chimes with what our experience tells us works, we hope you find it useful.  As ever, contact us if you need help.

Their tips include:

  • Encourage your child to take revision breaks and find a balance between studying and doing things they find enjoyable and relaxing.

  • Make sure they are eating and drinking at regular intervals.

  • Reassure them – reinforce that you are and will be proud of them no matter what happens.

  • Remain positive and hopeful!

  • Let them know their feelings are valid and normal, but also offer support and solutions where possible.

  • Anxiety is often worst at night and this means it is useful to encourage good bedtime routine

You can find out more at here.

They have also produced advice for students, written by other young people themselves:

Resources for revision and the exam period can be found below: 

 GCSE Revision Material: