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Art & Textiles

Is a successful art department, but for a successful learning environment lies in the importance of building positive relationships and mind-sets between staff and students, we are a team. When I was at school one of the most inspirational teachers there, was an art teacher who was knowledgeable both in theory and application, was supportive and had boundless enthusiasm, not just for the subject but for people’s potential. Positive, happy, supportive relationships play an integral role to the ethos of our art department.

Taking ownership and responsibility for our students and for them in turn to take responsibility for their own learning has a huge impact on progress and performance. This is something I encourage and promote within the department.

Tracking, assessment and feedback are important to facilitate the student’s skills they need for their learning journey. Personalised learning makes for a strong curriculum. I agree with Ken Robinson when he says ‘Creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.’ For me creativity should be embedded in the delivery of the syllabus as well as the content and outcomes.

I believe that art is therapy and an inspiring environment that models excellence is infectious, hence our ‘Gallery of Excellence’ and the annual GCSE and A Level Exhibition. We are an aspirational department who work tiresomely, staff and students together, to get the best outcomes throughout our creative journeys.


Teaching staff

  • Miss Kelly Davies: Head of Department
  • Mrs Anna Taylor
  • Mrs Julie Turner
  • Mrs Rhiannon Williams-Forse


Key Stage 3 art & textiles

Throughout Years 7-9 all students study a range of artists and themes, incorporating a range of skills, mixed media, techniques and processes into each project. Students are encouraged to draw from direct observation and they are taught a range of creative processes such as mixed media collage, painting, sculpture, ceramics & modelling.


Year 7

Mark Making Drawings: Students explore the fundamentals of drawing through mark making. They study the artwork of Fabric Lenny and create a cardboard sculpture in his style.

Peace Poster: Students begin preparation for the theme set by the International Lions Peace Poster and take part in an international competition.


Year 8

Peace Poster: Students create a Peace Poster based around a set theme and enter posters into an international competition, culminating in a public exhibition in the community.

Insects: Students explore a range of creative processes to draw insects from life as well as a range of exciting artists, inspiring them to create their own ‘hybrid insect’ sculpture.


Year 9

Cultural Capital: Students are taught about conceptual and cultural art through the investigation of African Culture, Apartheid to present day racism, such as BLM. Students start to create GCSE standard artist pages within their sketchbooks. They are taught to refine their skills ready for GCSE Art.


Key Stage 4 art & textiles

Students are given the opportunity to study EDEXCEL Fine Art, Textiles and 3D A Level courses. We are an exceptionally well equipped department in which students have access to a vast array of specialisms, including painting, mixed media, ceramics and printing. Students work in spacious rooms which enable them to work on ambitious projects in a range of scales, from tiny precious objects to life size figurative work. We have the luxury of subject specialist teaching staff who are skilled painters, ceramicists, jewellers and designers.


Please see the individual year group annual plans as the documents below.