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Business & computing

Business, iMedia and Computing (BIC)

Mission and aims:

The Business, iMedia and Computer Science Department of John Kyrle High School is dedicated to preparing students for a rapidly changing world, by developing each student with knowledge, skills and experiences in a fun, interactive and motivating way! Through well planned lessons and curriculum. The team of enthusiastic and committed staff aim to deliver high-quality, student-centred lessons that support growth in an ever-changing world.

What do we offer and why?  Resilience, problem solving, and critical/logical thinking. These are skills that are essential if we are to grow and develop. The Business, iMedia and Computer Science Department are delighted to be able to offer a wide variety of topics which focus on building these key skills.


Teaching staff

  • Miss Jasmine Hawkins: Lead of Business Studies
  • Mrs Sophie Jones: Lead of Computer Science & ICT
  • Ms Victoria Bradford
  • Miss Tina Quirk
Key Stage 3

From basic ICT skills, right through to skilling up students to be creative coders, we offer the following:

  • staying safe online- Personal safety online, right trough to the effects of online crime and how to prevent it.
  • Flowol – To help logical thinking with flow diagrams in a fun and interactive way to guide learning in coding environments.
  • Spreadsheets – An interactive and developmental practical lesson, which takes students from the basics to advance spreadsheets.
  • Multimedia – To understand the concepts of design and planning for a project.
  • Graphics – Taking students through from the basics to advance photoshop. Focusing on the key elements of design and how to follow a client in the ‘real world’
  • Website design – A practical approach to website design and how to create and effective website design.
Key Stage 4

Year 10 Pathway 

Business Studies - AQA GCSE

Business Brilliance at JKHS is an inclusive classroom promoting an enthusiasm for business in the real world!

How is the subject taught?

The pupils will use a range of learning styles and techniques to learn 3 units in Year  10 and 3 units in Year 11. Each unit builds on another unit and through the use of real-life business examples makes the course relatable and enjoyable for all. Pupils will build academic and personal skills which they can apply across their subjects and in future opportunities.

Are there exams, coursework or both?

Business is an exam subject. The pupils will sit two papers at the end of Year 11.

What do I need to be ‘good’ at this subject?

In Business Studies you must have a commitment to learning.  Pupils should be able to contribute and share ideas through application of business knowledge, to known and unfamiliar concepts. Develop decision making and problem-solving skills. Build on literacy through evaluation and numeracy skills through interpreting data. In Business we promote brilliance and everyone reaching their full potential.

Future opportunities

Business is very fortunate as it covers many concepts and compliments many other subjects and career paths. Progression to A level and level 3 BTEC courses, as well as valuable life skills and experiences for the world of work.


Business Learning Journey Roadmap

Business Studies Learning Journey

Business Studies BTEC L3 Learning Journey

Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing


Year 11 Pathway

The Business course is a great mixture of theory and practical based skills that develop entrepreneurial skills as well as embedding key knowledge for the business world. The course consists of:

  • Subject: CNAT L1/L2 Enterprise and Marketing
  • Exam Board: OCR

How will I be assessed? Coursework: 2 x coursework units (30% each), which are completed in Y10/11 and exam: 40% and sat at the end of Year 11

More information available at Cambridge Nationals - Enterprise and Marketing Level 1/Level 2 – J837 - OCR


Computer Science 

The Computer Science course is an engaging and practical subject that allows students to develop their problem-solving skills and creativity. Students will be able to learn the core applications of computer science in multiple different sectors. Students will be able to analyse, design and create solutions to different problems as well as test and evaluate them.

  • Subject: GCSE Computing (1-9)
  • Exam Board: OCR

How will I be assessed?  Exam: 100% and sat at the end of Year 11 based on 2 papers worth 50% each. More information available here: GCSE - Computer Science (9-1) - J277 (from 2020) - OCR


Creative iMedia

The Creative imedia course allows students to take a creative approach to computing. This course will inspire and give students the confidence and skills for the ever-growing digital media sector and beyond. You will design, plan, create and review client scenarios to meet the demands of the ever changing world and target audience.

  • Subject: CNAT L1/L2 Creative imedia K834
  • Exam Board: OCR

How will I be assessed?  Coursework: 2 x coursework units, which are completed in Y10/11.  Exam: 40% and sat at the end of Year 11. 

More information available at Cambridge Nationals - Creative iMedia Level 1/Level 2 - J834 - OCR