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Business Studies

Business Studies

Business Brilliance – creating a culture of excellence and inclusivity for all. 

An inclusive and positive learning environment which promotes enthusiasm for Business Studies in the real world, decision making and entrepreneurial qualities, through a use of academic and life skills. All pupils start at a level playing field and begin with foundational subject knowledge. A variety of business examples and case studies are used to ensure that all pupils can relate to subject content. Promoting life skills and an understanding of both personal and business finance to aid with decision making in the future.

We promote literacy and numeracy skills as well as building confidence with presenting, problem solving and evaluating big concepts.

There truly is not a more exciting time to study Business Studies at both GCSE and A Level. With the current changes to government, the economy, new legislation and rapid growth across industries from technology to fast fashion. This is a popular subject as pupils can relate to the content and apply throughout all stages of life and future careers.


Teaching staff

  • Miss Jasmine Hawkins: Lead of Business Studies
  • Mrs Natalie Sorrell - Teacher of Business for KS4 & KS5
  • Miss Lauren Harris-Jones - Teacher of BTEC Business
Key stage 4

KS4 Pathway

Business Studies - AQA GCSE

Business Brilliance at JKHS is an inclusive classroom promoting an enthusiasm for business in the real world!

How is the subject taught?

The pupils will use a range of learning styles and techniques to learn 3 units in Year 10 and 3 units in Year 11. Each unit builds on another unit and, through the use of real-life business examples, makes the course relatable and enjoyable for all. Pupils will build academic and personal skills which they can apply across their subjects and in future opportunities.

Are there exams, coursework or both?

Business is an exam subject. The pupils will sit two papers at the end of Year 11.

What do I need to be ‘good’ at this subject?

In Business Studies you must have a commitment to learning.  Pupils should be able to contribute and share ideas through application of business knowledge to known and unfamiliar concepts. Develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. Build on literacy through evaluation and numeracy skills through interpreting data. In Business we promote brilliance and everyone reaching their full potential.

Future opportunities

Business is very fortunate as it covers many concepts and compliments many other subjects and career paths. Progression to A level and level 3 BTEC courses, as well as valuable life skills and experiences for the world of work.


Content Covered:

3.1 Business in the real world
  • The nature and purpose of a business
  • Business ownership
  • Setting business aims and objectives
  • Stakeholders
  • Business Location
  • Business Planning
  • Expanding a business
3.2 Influences on Business
  • Technology
  • Ethical and environmental considerations
  • The economic climate on businesses
  • Globalisation
  • Legislation
  • Competitive environment
3.3 Business Operations
  • Production processes 
  • The role of procurement
  • Concept of quality
  • Good customer services
3.4 Human Resources
  • Organisational structures
  • Recruitment and selection of employees
  • Motivating employees
  • Training


  • Identifying and understanding customers
  • Segmentation
  • The purpose and methods of market research
  • Marketing mis
3.6 Finance
  • Sources of finance
  • Cash Flow
  • Financial terms and calculations
  • Financial performance


Business Learning Journey Roadmap

Business Studies Learning Journey