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Drama is unique as a subject as its curriculum is dictated and sculptured by the experiences and interests of the participating students within it. In the last several years JKHS has enjoyed a resurgence with regards to the interest and uptake of students choosing to study this subject at GCSE and A-Level. The study of drama should be as enjoyable as it is beneficial – and shouldn’t be seen as a subject purely for aspiring actors or performers, but it is also for those who wish to hone their communication skills, build their confidence or simply wish to better their understanding of how to present themselves in the world.


Teaching staff:


Key Stage 3 Drama

Students only study Drama at Y7 – during this whirlwind introduction to drama as a subject, students are taught various drama techniques, which encourage the groups to work together well as well as develop and consider their own potential skills. We look at both devised and scripted work, and there are regular opportunities for developing their imagination through improvisation.


Key Stage 4 Drama

Students can opt for GCSE Drama in Y10 and study performance and dramatic analytical skills to a further extent. Students study in depth one text (DNA by Dennis Kelly) to answer questions on for their final written exam at the end of Y11. Students also get the opportunity to devise and perform their own performance, developed from a given stimulus and using a prescribed drama practitioner.