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We believe that all students deserve a broad and ambitious English curriculum that inspires a love of the subject and promotes mastery of the reading, writing and verbal communication skills they will need to be successful in the modern world.  It is important to us that we develop the academic and cultural capital of all our students by giving them supported access to the best that has been written and said: enlightening them and removing barriers to achievement in school and employment.

We aim to empower our students to have the ability to both construct and question meaning – this not only enhances their life chances but allows them to question and respond thoughtfully to what they see/hear and read.  Mastery of the English language is a powerful tool for success and our curriculum prepares our students for their post-16 career aspirations, whatever they may be.

Teaching Staff

  • Mr Ben Rew – Head of Department, email:
  • Mrs Rebecca Meikle – KS3 Lead
  • Mrs Caroline Walding – KS4 Lead
  • Mrs Amy Cannon
  • Mrs Florrie Cresswell
  • Miss Rachael Harries
  • Ms Julia Kelly
  • Miss Freya McLaughlin
  • Mrs Fiona Moore - Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Lucy Morgan 
  • Miss Olivia Phillips
  • Mrs Alex Rees
  • Miss Darcy Williams


Key Stage 5

​We currently offer A levels in English Literature and in English Language.

​English Language

​The course explores both spoken and written language. You will learn to analyse how language works in a wide range of texts and transcripts. You will investigate many of the important language issues in society. How do children learn to speak? How do politicians influence our attitudes and values through language? Are men and women represented differently through language? How has technology influenced our language? How has language changed over time? You will also learn how to become a more confident and conscious writer, adapting your style to suit different audiences and purposes. 20% of the final A Level grade will be from coursework, 80% from the final examinations.

​Specification: AS and A Level English Language | Eduqas


English Literature

​The course involves the study of a variety of modern and historical prose, poetry and drama, including the work of William Shakespeare. As well as extending your knowledge and enjoyment of literature and literary criticism, you will be encouraged to think critically and creatively in response to a range of set and independently chosen texts. 20% of the final A Level grade will be from coursework, 80% from the final examinations.

Specification: AS and A Level English Literature | Eduqas