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At John Kyrle, History lessons focus on stimulating curiosity, interest and enjoyment about the past. As well as cultivating knowledge of key historical events and their causes and effects, the Department also concentrates on teaching students a range of valuable and transferable skills, such as interpretation, analysis, evaluation and the effective communication of ideas and opinions. History lessons enable students to consider how the past influences the present and understand where they fit within the wider community.

The Department delivers the curriculum using a variety of teaching methods so that all students, regardless of ability, can fully engage with the learning that is taking place. We endeavour to enable students to become both talented historians and inquisitive citizens of the world, who are ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.


Teaching staff

  • Mr Tom Moore: Head of Department
  • Mrs Sarah Gooch
  • Mrs Sophie Hunter
  • Mr Tom Hotchkiss
Key stage 3 History

In Years 7-9 students study a range of topics broadly in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum. Students receive 3 lessons per fortnight and are taught in their tutor groups. Lessons are built around ‘Enquiry Questions’ which engage students, develop key skills and cover a wide range of historical events which have shaped our world. As a result, pupils will develop into thoughtful, tolerant and knowledgeable citizens.  

Year 7

  • How did William the Conqueror maintain control?
  • Who had the power in Medieval England?
  • Why did Europeans go on Crusades?
  • What was life like for ordinary people?
  • How did the Silk Roads shape the Medieval World?
  • How did the Tudors take and maintain control?
  • How did power and religion change under the Tudors?
  • Was the Elizabethan Age really golden?
  • How diverse was Early Modern England?

Year 8

  • Were the Civil Wars a British Revolution?
  • Is Oliver Cromwell a national hero?
  • How did the world revolt in the 18th century?
  • How should we remember slavery?
  • Was the Industrial Revolution ‘Liberty’s Dawn’?
  • How much equality was achieved in Britain by 1900?
  • Why was the Native American way of life destroyed?

Year 9

  • What caused WW1 and how was it fought?
  • Did terrorism get women the vote?
  • How did Hitler take and maintain control of Germany?
  • How should we remember the Holocaust?
  • What happened during WW2?
  • How far did post war Britain and its empire change?
  • To what extent was equality achieved in the US by 1975?
  • Terrorists or freedom fighters?