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A level History

Year 12

 Unit 1: Russia, 1917-91 – from Lenin to Yeltsin (30%)

​ You will learn about the key political, social and economic features of communist rule in Russia during the twentieth century, an era that saw its authority and influence rise to the status of a superpower, only to diminish and decline later in the century.  You will examine how such a revolutionary, yet oppressive regime controlled its people and attempted to bring about political and economic change.

Unit 2: The German Democratic Republic – 1949-90 (20%)

You will study the creation, development, decline and collapse of the communist East German state, 1949-90.  For the whole of its existence, East Germany was a key focus of world attention as it lay on the frontline of the Cold War, where contrasts between East and West could be seen at their starkest.  From the Berlin Wall to the Stasi – you will explore key features of the regime.

​You can find more information, specifications and exam materials here.

 Year 13

 Unit 3: Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors – 1485-1603 (30%)

You will explore the nature of rebellion and disorder under the Tudors and the way the various challenges were met, the nature of change in government over the period and the changing relationship between the Crown and society.  This unit enables you to understand the way in which, despite a shaky start, the Tudors were able to establish their dynasty as one of the most powerful England has seen.

Unit 4: Coursework (20%)

The coursework is an independent enquiry and with the agreement of staff, students are focus on a historical controversy of their own choice. The coursework enables you to develop skills in the analysis and evaluation of interpretations of history, in a chosen controversy, as part of an independently researched assignment.  You will be required to form a critical view based on relevant reading on the question.  This is an opportunity to show flair, individualism and a critical understanding of questions which still provoke debate within history today.

Specification Edexcel AS and A level History 2015 | Pearson qualifications