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Mathematics at John Kyrle High School is one of the school’s most important subjects and we are proud to have a dedicated team of mathematics teachers and a purpose-built building. We aim to cultivate students’ independent thinking and logical problem solving skills while preparing them to deal with all aspects of mathematics in their chosen career and everyday life. In Maths, students and teachers work together to create a positive learning environment where a variety of methods are used to ensure that students develop the skills they require and are thoroughly prepared for the demands of a more rigorous curriculum. 

Teaching staff

Homework  Homework will be set at once or twice per week for Years 7-11 and homework will not be due the day after it is set.
  • KS3: Guideline homework durations are 20-30 min. This can vary depending on the topic studied.
  • KS4: Guideline homework durations are 30-40 min. This can vary depending on the topic studied.
We are currently reviewing our homework strategies at KS3 & KS4 with the implementation of an online resource.

Equipment  Students are expected to bring their own equipment to every lesson. This includes pens (black/blue and green), pencil, ruler, protractor, a pair of compasses and calculator.

The Maths department have various items of essential stationary available for students to purchase as they wish. We will also put in bulk orders of equipment such as calculators at points throughout the calendar year. It is essential for the familiarity of the equipment that students have their own and bring it to all Maths lessons.

KS3 Curriculum Map

JKHS Maths Department Curriculum Intent - KS3


key stage 4 maths

All KS4 students are following a syllabus which will lead to a GCSE. Our pupils are following the AQA GCSE Mathematics specification. The AQA GCSE Mathematics course consists of three equally weighted 1.5 hour, 80 mark papers, of which one is non-calculator and two are calculator papers. Each paper examines pupils on all aspects of the course with the overarching concepts Number, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Probability, Ratio and Proportion.

​Pupils will continue to be taught in sets based on their ability as within GCSE Mathematics there are two tiers of entry. In Y11 pupils will either sit the ‘foundation’ or ‘higher’ tier paper. Pupils sitting the ‘foundation’ paper will have the opportunity to gain a qualification that allows them to get a grade 5. Pupils entered for ‘higher’ will be students targeting grade 6+, which will be particularly beneficial for those students who are considering continuing their studies at A Level.

Students will build upon the work covered at Key Stage 3, however there will be a greater emphasis on problem solving and mathematical reasoning. Pupils will be tested regularly at the end of units of work to monitor and support teaching and learning. In addition, students will have the opportunity to sit mock examinations in a formal examination environment towards the end of the year. Pupils will receive 7 hours of lesson time across the two-week timetable and will be set homework at least once a week and as KS4 students they are expected to spend approximately 30-40 minutes on each homework task.

A pass in Maths is essential for all pupils, both further education providers, employers and trainers will look favourably on those with a good grade, grade 5+. Pupils who achieve a strong pass have excellent preparation for continuing studying Maths into A Level and beyond.

KS4 Curriculum Map

JKHS Maths Department Curriculum Intent - KS4

Useful websites links

GCSE specification can be seen via the link AQA | GCSE | Mathematics | Specification at a glance