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Medical Information

Prescription medication  The school cannot hold medication unless it has been prescribed by a doctor. Prescription medication must be provided in the original container as dispensed by the pharmacy and accompanied by a completed ‘Parental agreement for school to administer medication’ form – this can be downloaded and emailed to or printed and returned to school along with the medication.

In most cases, prescribed medication that needs to be taken three times a day could be taken in the morning, after school hours and at bedtime, which would avoid the need to involve school.

Students are not permitted to carry medication in school, with the exception of emergency medications, e.g. asthma inhalers/adrenaline auto-injectors, or where a student has a chronic medical condition, e.g. diabetes.


Paracetamol  The school can administer paracetamol (from the school’s supply) in exceptional circumstances; a member of the first aid team will obtain verbal parental consent by telephone prior to administering paracetamol.


Asthma sufferers  Asthma sufferers will be treated by using the student’s inhaler, following a standard asthma protocol. The school holds spare emergency inhalers (and spacers) for use if the student’s own inhaler runs out or is misplaced.


Severe allergy sufferers  Severe allergy sufferers who carry adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs) are advised to provide a spare AAI to be held in the school office. The school holds spare emergency AAIs for use if the student’s own AAIs are misplaced/not working.


Should you have any queries regarding the administration of medication during school hours, please contact Leanne Davies, Lead First Aider, at


PROCEDURE FOR SICK STUDENTS  Students who feel unwell are referred to the first aid room to explain their illness. If the student is too unwell to go to the first aid room, or there is a concern that their symptoms could worsen, they will remain under supervision by a member of staff and a member of the first team will be contacted, to come to them.

The decision to send a sick student home will be made by a member of the first aid team. The first aider will contact the parent/carer to arrange collection. Unwell students must be collected from reception and signed out when leaving school for safeguarding reasons. 


PROCEDURE IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT RESULTING IN INJURY  The closest member of first aid staff present will assess the seriousness of the injury and seek the assistance of a second qualified first aider, if required. If the first aider judges that a student is too unwell to remain in school, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child. Upon their arrival, the first aider will recommend next steps to the parents, whether it is A&E check-up or GP advice. If emergency services are called, a member of the first aid team will contact parents immediately. If a hospital visit is necessary and the parents are unable to meet the student on site, a nominated adult will accompany the student in the ambulance to hospital and stay with them until the parent can arrive.