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RE at John Kyrle High School is part of the core entitlement for all students. The School follows the Herefordshire Locally Agreed Syllabus. RE is taught by an enthusiastic team of graduate teachers who seek to share their love of the subject with all those they teach. RE has probably changed more than any other subject since our students parents and carers were at school, encompassing a fascinating and diverse range of philosophical, ethical and theological questions. Humanistic / non-religious world views are explored alongside religious perspectives. We want our students to be talking about their learning when they get home from school! In Year 7 - 11 all students receive two lessons of RE per fortnight / cycle. Homework is typically set 2-3 times each half-term.


Teaching Staff

  • Mr Nicholas Wardale: Head of RE
  • Miss Helen Mather: Teacher of RE & History
  • Mr Thomas Moore: Teacher of RE & History
  • Mrs Sarah Mountford: Teacher of RE and PE
  • Mr Kristian Phillips: Teacher of RE/Assistant Headteacher
  • Mrs Sophie Hunter: Teacher of RE and History


Where might success in RE lead?  A qualification in RE will take our students anywhere they might want to go! They will have developed good people skills. It is a subject that helps people develop empathy for others, an important skill in almost any job that involves meeting and dealing with people; e.g. receptionist, social work, police, legal profession, education, advertising, sales. It has led our past students into other academic fields such as Ethics, Philosophy, Law, Theology, Criminology and Critical Thinking. To our knowledge only one student has gone on to be a vicar!


Key stage 3 topics include:

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Introducing religions and world views Should happiness be the gaol of life? Religion, Philosophy and Science.
World faith: Life as a Jewish teenager The life and teachings of Jesus Religion and conflict
Life and teachings of Buddha Exploring beliefs about life and death Introduction to GCSE RE: Islam


Key stage 4:

All students at John Kyrle work towards either the EDUQAS short course GCSE in RE or take subject as an option folliowing the Edexcel full course GCSE.

Short Course topics:​

  • Key Christian Beliefs
  • Intro to Crime and Punishment
  • Key Muslim Beliefs
  • Marriage and Family Life