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RS (Ethics, Philosophy and Religion)

A level RS is taught by an enthusiastic team of graduate teachers who seek to share their love of the subject with all those they teach. RS has probably changed more than any other subject since our students’ parents and carers were at school, encompassing a fascinating and diverse range of philosophical, ethical, and theological questions. Humanistic / non-religious worldviews are explored alongside religious perspectives.

Teaching Staff

  • Mr Nicholas Wardale: Head of RE email:
  • Kristian Phillips: Interim Deputy Head and Teacher of RS


Where might success in RE lead?  

A qualification in RS will take our students anywhere they might want to go! They will develop their skills of critical thinking, reasoning, empathy, tolerance, and debate. This subject is good preparation for any ‘thinking’ or ‘caring’ profession – law, medicine, teaching, public relations, journalism etc. RS students have gone on to study a very wide variety of subjects at university / college, including PPE, law, medicine, theology, ethics, and teaching / education. This subject is highly regarded by ‘Russell Group’ universities and is considered as an academic option at A level.



‚ÄčWe offer the linear EDUQAS A level Religious Studies course focusing on Philosophy of Religion, Ethics and Judaism. Students sit three terminal examinations. This is an academically rigorous post-16 qualification. Students are offered the opportunity to take part in visits to places such as London, Manchester, and Amsterdam. We are proud of the success of our students.