Pupil Premium and COVID Recovery

Pupil premium report 2019-20

The coronavirus lockdown made it very difficult to complete the pupil premium report as we have in previous years. JKHS continued to support our vulnerable and disadvantaged students even more closely.  Herefordshire schools are not publishing outcome information for the summer 2020 exams.  We are able, however, to report on what we did and where we spent the funding. See our report here

Priorities for 2020-21

The school Pupil Premium Allocation 2020-21 is: £194,780

Spending priorities for 2020-21 are broadly in line with those for 2019-20; however it has evolved to be another exceptional year.

We recognised that our disadvantaged students would be most vulnerable to learning gaps during lockdown and took the following steps in an attempt to minimise these:

  • Morning tutor sessions with follow-up calls to ensure a positive start to the working day.

  • Daily or weekly calls to parents/carers to enhance engagement and check on mental health and wellbeing.

  • Show My Homework (SMHW) used to provide parents/carers as well as students with a full school day structure.

  • Live lessons to support those weakest at independent learning.

  • Weekly monitoring of PP engagement through SMHW by HoY, SENCo and Deputy Headteacher.

  • Provision of laptops (school and DfE), enhanced mobile data, mobile broadband hubs.

  • Ink for printers.

  • Places on-site offered to all PP students struggling to engage with online learning.

  • Daily and weekly safeguarding checks for most disadvantaged students.

  • Home visits for safeguarding, inc. safeguarding of education.

  • Vouchers for FSM – before DfE scheme started.

  • Support of community food banks and delivery of food to most vulnerable families.

  • Support and advice for parents/carers to signpost available benefits.

Since our return to school, both in September and March, we have focused on ensuring disadvantaged students have access and support across a full, broad curriculum. High quality pastoral care and regular attendance are more important than ever. Our curriculum recovery plans in each department put disadvantaged and SEND students at their heart. ‘Ordinary magic’ had been our mantra, and we are all focused on ensuring disadvantaged students are individually supported in managing the learning gaps which may exist.

We continue to help and support all students, especially our most disadvantaged, to manage the pressures of working in the unusual circumstances we all find ourselves in as the COVID situation continues.

For the second year in a row there will be no externally validated ‘Secondary Outcomes Data’ however, assessment of impact will be done via attendance records, school ‘Learning Profiles’, year group ‘Progress’ analysis and Teacher Assessed Grades issued to Year 11 students in August.

Date of next review: September 2021

COVID Recovery

You can see our report on this funding here

16-19 Tuition Fund

This fund is to support sixth form students who did not achieve a grade 4 in English and/or maths in 2021. Our funding report can be seen here