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Pupil Premium Statement - 2018/19


With variations seen from relatively small cohorts our performance with pupil premium students is in line with national performance over time. .


Improving outcomes for disadvantaged students continues to be a Local Authority priority as it is recognised that, with a mainly white working-class population, disadvantaged students are at risk of under-achievement in Herefordshire.


It should be noted that Y11 in 2018 had 14.5% disadvantaged students. This right in the middle of the range of 12%-19% which the Education Endowment Foundation notes as the hardest to improve outcomes. The cohort contained many students who had multiple deprivation factors.  We are proud that we did not give up on any student.  All have progressed onto appropriate pathways after Year 11.


Learning Profiles for disadvantaged students in Key Stage 3 reports were consistently positive. They matched those of non-disadvantaged students. 


Attendance of disadvantaged students was also a priority for the school in 2018-19.  Attendance of our disadvantaged students for the year through to May half-term was 93.63%. This is slightly down on the previous year but must be seen against a context of a slight fall in overall attendance (to 94.76%) caused by a spate of illness in January and February ’19. This means the gap between the attendance of disadvantaged students and all students was just over 1%.  


The school allocation for the academic year 2018/19 was £191,255. In total the school had 186 students who were eligible to benefit from this funding.


We are keen to ensure we diminish the attainment and progress gaps between our disadvantaged students and all non-disadvantaged students nationally.  Our key aim is to remove the barriers to success for these students and we have identified the most important barriers:


  • Low literacy and numeracy skills at KS2

  • Multiple-deprivation factors.


Our focus areas for 2018-19 were on:

  • Continue to safeguard the school’s most vulnerable students, including their use of internet technologies

  • Provide literacy and numeracy intervention for those disadvantaged students who need it the most to enable them to access the school curriculum

  • Reduce the gap between the attendance of disadvantaged students and all students and reduce the percentage of disadvantaged students who are persistently absent

  • Continue to ensure that the exclusion figures for disadvantaged students remain extremely low.

  • Provide an appropriate curriculum for all disadvantaged students to raise their achievement and ensure they can move on to appropriate education, employment and training

  • Ensure disadvantaged students achieve in 8 or more subjects with the aim of a positive Progress 8 score overall

  • Support disadvantaged students in achieving grade 9-5 in English and maths so that their attainment is close to or in-line with all students nationally


If we did these things well, disadvantaged students will have:

  • been kept safe

  • attended more regularly

  • been excluded rarely

  • gained meaningful qualifications to allow them access to education, employment or training after their time with us.

  • achieved more highly


We believe we have been mainly successful in these things in 2018-19. You can read our report here.

Pupil Premium Plans 2019-20


The pupil premium funding for 2019/20 is £157,080 and we have 168 eligible students.


We continue to see the barriers to learning for our disadvantaged students as:

  • Low literacy and numeracy skills from KS2

  • Multiple deprivations


We will continue to spend the majority of our funding on English and maths. This will be in ensuring GCSE students achieve the grades to enable them to progress in their education and training. It will also be with pupils lower down the school to ensure they build the skills in readiness for GCSE courses. 

We will also support disadvantaged students to attend regularly and offer the advice, guidance and mentoring necessary to ensure students move on to meaningful pathways after Year 11.  Pupil premium funding will be used to remove any obstacles to students' learning.

Our next pupil premium review will be in spring term 2020.

Year 7 Top-Up

The school allocation for the academic year 2018-19 was £20,283. 


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