School Transport

Using School and Public Transport

Many students travel to School using buses and some also arrive by taxi.


In order to travel on John Kyrle buses, you must apply for your child’s seat via the application form. Deadline for bus applications for 2022-23 is Friday 1st July 2022. Once your form has been processed, the school will confirm your seat and send your child’s bus pass to your home address prior to the first day of term.


If you have any queries in relation to the JKHS buses, please contact Christine Bryan on


JKHS bus application for 2022-23



At the end of the School day all students who catch a bus are expected to assemble in the bus bays just outside the main gates of the School.  While here they are supervised by a team of duty staff including a member of the Senior Leadership Team until all buses and taxis have departed.

We make every effort to ensure that buses do not leave without the required passengers and vehicular egress from the School is blocked until it is considered safe to resume.

There are some occasions when students miss the bus.  This is a vary rare occurrence as most bus drivers get to know who they brought to school in the morning and students on the bus check that their friends are present.

Buses are held until all are happy that everyone that should be on the bus is present. However, when it does happen, the child needs to report to one of the many members of staff on duty and arrangements are made to get that child home. Phone calls are made to ensure that parents know that their child will not be on the bus and what arrangements have been made to get them home.

Parental Parking

There is limited space outside the front of the School so parents wishing to collect their children after School are asked to park away from the bus area and to take note of the parking restrictions imposed by the Authority. This is for the safety of all students.

School Access

The School gates are closed between 15:20 and 15:40 each day for safety reasons.

For any problems with Herefordshire Council run buses, please contact Herefordshire Council School Transport:

Tel. 01432 383330 (automated) or email for less urgent enquiries.