Sixth Form Information

In Year 11 you will be considering your possible options. The one which makes the most sense for an increasingly large number of you from John Kyrle and other schools will be to join us in the Sixth Form.

The Course Summaries booklet and message from the Head Boy & Head Girl  plus the Head of Sixth Form letter are designed to give you as much information as you need about Years 12 and 13 and the possible courses. Read it and think things over. Talk to your parents. Talk to your Tutor. Talk to people you know in the Sixth Form already. Talk to the staff who’ll take your courses. Talk to Mr Wallace or any of the Sixth Form Tutors. This is your future, so think carefully before you make your decision.


Sixth Form Frequently Asked Questions

Are we treated differently?


Yes. The Sixth Form are the School’s senior pupils. You set an example to younger students. Also, staff treat you much more as adults and when students start in the 6th Form they often say that this is the biggest difference.



Do you get free periods?


Yes, students choose 2 periods as ‘non-study’ periods. You can play pool, table tennis, put music on, have coffee, chat and so on. We believe we have the best common room facility in the county!



How many subjects do you do?


Following the Government’s reform programme for Advanced Level, we advise that preferably three subjects are studied at A-level with AS examinations at the end of Year 12. However four subjects can still be selected after consultation with the Sixth Form team. Providing they meet a basic matriculation standard of three D grades in their subjects, students then move to Year 13 and continue studying for their A2 exams.

How much time is spent in lessons?


Each Advanced Supplementary course is taught for nine hours a fortnight.



What do you do for the rest of your time?


When students are not scheduled for contact time with teaching staff, they use the time for private study. This is an important aspect of sixth form life. There is a study room, a quiet area and, of course plenty of IT facilities. Many students use subject specific rooms such as Art and Technology to enable them to complete work set in these areas.



What else in on offer in the 6th Form?


We run Young Enterprise, a scheme where you can start and run your own business (remember Pop Idol?).

We also get involved in Lower School, as Year 7 Tutor Group helpers, or as buddies on the reading scheme. You may well have seen copies of our student newspaper.


We do lots of fund-raising and 6th Formers are often asked to help out showing guests around the school and so on.

There are many social events and dinners, e.g. the Christmas bash at Cheltenham Racecourse, or other similar local venue.

Student Destinations

The links below show a list of where students moved on to after their A Levels at John Kyrle.

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