The WyeLearn Centre

WyeLearn provides a nurturing environment for students who find attendance in a mainstream class difficult – this may be for a short or longer period of time and is dependent upon individual needs though the ultimate aim is for students to be fully integrated into normal school life without the need for WyeLearn intervention. Students are fully supported by experienced staff enabling them to access learning, academic, and social experiences similar to that of their peers in order to achieve their potential. WyeLearn provides a flexible learning programme for these students in order to meet their individual needs.


Medical – students may have a medical need for not attending mainstream classes and require the support of small group provision, as well as supported reintegration.


Low attenders – to support the challenges an individual faces in order to reintegrate them back into main school, as and when appropriate.


Vulnerable/Anxious/Emotional – for those feeling unable to work/cope with working in a large group it provides a nurturing learning environment for students with social and emotional difficulties.

Mrs Julia Malsom

WyeLearn Manager / Assistant SENCO