Moving to John Kyrle

Year 6 Induction

All students in our Primary feeder schools are visited by our Head of Year 7 & 8, Mrs T Clarke, during Year 6. Visits are arranged for students to come as a school to John Kyrle High School for a day to see what it is all about. This is done on a per school basis so that new students are in small groups of friends that will be moving to us together.

In June each year, an Induction Day is organised for all Year 6 students coming to us in September where they will meet their new classmates and their form teacher. They will catch the ‘normal’ bus that they will need to use in September and so will also be with students travelling from their village. They will also catch the same bus home so that they can get used to the process at the end of the day. (We make special provision on this induction day to escort them to the correct bus bay to make sure they are all happy about where they need to be at the end of a School day). They also get to meet the other students who will travel on the bus with them and look out for them in September.


On Induction Day, they will meet in the main School hall and then spend their first lesson with their new class and form teacher in their tutor base which, for most, will be on the first floor of the Lower School building. They will meet two or three Year 8 students who will spend the day with them, taking them around to the various places they need to be. They will have taster lessons period 2, 3 and 4 where they will meet some of the teachers who will teach them in Year 7.

The final part of Induction Day will be spent in their tutor bases with their tutor who will find out any problems or concerns that students have after the day’s activities.

Arriving at Other Times of the Year

All new students are encouraged to come and visit us with their parents.  When you do, you can look forward to the same process. We will take you around the school, show you the various areas, introduce you to teachers and do whatever we can to make your start at John Kyrle as happy and useful as possible.  After all, we know that to reach your potential you need to be happy at School.


Other Information

An induction pack is issued to Year 6 students prior to their visit to JKHS in June. It contains lots of useful information including the following 2 booklets:


The Year 7 Handbook contains information about School Life at JKHS which hopefully answers any questions you may have.

The Subject Information Booklet tells you about all the subjects you will study in your first year at John Kyrle.

We also have a some commonly asked questions for both parents and students.