New Students Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

Am I allowed to wear jewellery in school?

For security and safety reasons jewellery should not be brought to school.

Pupils who have their ears pierced may wear a single or one pair of gold sleepers or studs (one in each ear).

They may also wear one plain ring and a wrist watch.  Nose rings/studs are not allowed.  Any other form of facial decoration is also not allowed.



Can you please tell us what activities we can take part in during the break times?


The two morning breaks are only 15 minutes each. During this time you could have a snack, go to your locker, talk to your friends or play a number of games – tag, skipping, football, table tennis, etc.


The lunch break lasts for 45 minutes. After you have eaten your lunch, you could continue to take part in games or visit the Literacy Resource Centre or the Computing / IT Suite. You could also go to one of the many clubs available to you.

Your Head of Year will either be in their office during break-times or in the Lower School playground.



How much homework will I have in Year 7?


A Year 7 pupil can expect to receive between 1 and 3 sets of homework per night. Each homework takes approximately 20 minutes. Teachers may also set longer tasks for you to complete over a longer period of time.


You will be given a homework planner. Your tutor and your Head of Year will check your planner regularly. Both your tutor and your parents/carers must sign your planner.

Your subject teacher or tutor may wish to communicate with your parents via the homework planner. It is, therefore, essential that you bring your planner to School every day.  In 2017 we also introduced an online resourced called ShowMyHomework.  This allows you to view what homework your teacher has set you either on your computer or on your mobile device.  our parents will also be able to view what you have been set.



What equipment will I need to bring to School?

The equipment you need to bring with you each day is:

  • A pencil case

  • A pen

  • Pencils

  • An eraser

  • A sharpener

  • A ruler

  • A calculator (as specified by the Maths Department)

  • A reading book

  • A rucksack to put all of the above in

You will also need to bring any books for the lessons you have on that day.  All equipment should be labelled. There is also an opportunity for each pupil to hire a locker at a small cost. Lockers are shared between two. Pupils need to buy a padlock with their friend and ensure they have 3 keys.  One key needs to be given to your Head of Year in an envelope with your name and your friend’s name on it. Should you ever lock yourself out, your Head of Year will be able to give you the spare key.

A fashion bag is inappropriate and should not be brought into school at any time.



What subjects will I learn about at John Kyrle?
You will have lessons in the subjects listed below .

  • English
  • Maths

  • Science

  • Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

  • Design & Technology

  • Geography

  • History

  • Computer Science and ICT

  • Music

  • Art

  • P.E

  • R.E

A two week timetable operates at John Kyrle. Each pupil attends 25 one hour periods each week. The core subjects (English, Maths and Science) have more hours than any other subjects.





English, Maths and Science are taught in sets. The sets are based on the SATs results and the Year 6 teacher assessments. The sets can be changed throughout the year and are regularly reviewed. All remaining subjects are taught in mixed ability groups and as a tutor group.

Who will look after us as we begin Year 7?


Mrs Clarke is the Head of Lower School (Year 7 and Year 8).  She is responsible for the welfare and education of the Lower School pupils. Her office is in the Wyepod. She often visits the primary schools and is responsible for the very important move from Year 6 into Year 7.

  • Mrs Clarke is also an Assistant Headteacher, the SENCo and the Designated Safeguarding Lead..

  • Mrs Clarke’s office telephone number is 01989 760391, should you wish to speak to her directly.


For Parents

What support is available for my child?


A wide range of support is available for students. We try to ensure that the same Tutor stays with each group as they move through the school. This helps Tutors get to know students really well. Lower School Heads of Year stay with Year Groups in Years 7 & 8 and Upper School Heads of Year do the same in Y9, 10 & 11. Subject staff also have student welfare at the top of their priorities. Our Special Needs Co-Ordinator leads a large team of Teaching Assistants for in-class support.

As part of ‘wrap-around’ care we have trained First Aid staff, attendance officers and access to wider, multi-agency services. These include counselling, bereavement advice, school nurse service, behaviour and learning support teams and health care. T The school often hosts meetings for a wide range of services engaged in student support. This led OFSTED to say that “The students’ personal development and well-being, and their care, guidance and support, are outstanding’“.


What happens if my son/daughter misses the bus home?


This is a vary rare occurrence as most bus drivers get to know who they brought to school in the morning and students on the bus check that their friends are present. However, when it does happen, the child needs to report to one of the many members of staff on duty and arrangements are made to get that child home. Phone calls are made to ensure that parents know that their child will not be on the bus and what arrangements have been made to get them home.

Further Information

If you still have any questions unanswered or would like to discuss any questions you have in any detail with the school, please do not hesitate to get in touch – our details are on the Contacts page and someone will always be prepared to help you.

What time does my bus leave in the morning / arrive in the afternoon?


Please refer to the Transport and Buses page on this site for full details of all buses.